Bill Gates Part 2 by Joseph Wise

Gates soon graduated from high school and attended Harvard. His sophomore year he was highlighted in the schools newspaper for devising algorithms that had never been seen before.  His success shocked not only his professors, but almost everyone he encountered at the university. Gates never had a plan when entering Harvard. He spent most of his time locked away in his room or in the university’s computer lab. One year while in college he saw the release of the latest computer and decided at that moment he wanted to join the competition for the best computer software. He and his long time friend Paul Allen decided to form their own corporation. His parents were a little upset initially but after he explained his passion for entrepreneurship they began to support his decision.

From that point on, Gates scheming to get to the top began and he was great at being sneaky. He started putting his name out to other corporations, letting them know what he could do for some of their products to gauge their interests and see what they would be looking for in a super computer. After he found out what he needed to know from his competition he and Allen began working to accomplish their goals. Gates soon partnered with IBM to help write programs for their upcoming personal computer. In 1985 Microsoft launched its first retail version of Microsoft Windows with the help of IBM and with that successfully developed the first version of an innovative system.

Gates passion for excellence drove him to accomplish his goals. Gates went from being a college student who loved being on computers, to writing his own programs and making millions. His goals and accomplishments have driven the technology industry for years and I know he won’t stop. The Windows operating system can be found on more computers today than any other operating system and it all started with a dream of one man, Bill Gates



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