Click! Click! Boom!:Instagram Part I by Chrystina Wyatt

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Instagram has quickly become a popular tool for photo sharing.  The Instagram Application allows its users to share their photos from their phone to Instagram and then to their other social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.  This two year overnight success story, like Facebook, started as a small idea that has grown into a major pop culture icon.

Its founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger met at Stanford University.  Kevin Systrom was birthed into technology.  His mother worked for when the Internet first became popular and now for the online car rental company, Zipcar.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford in 2006. After graduation, he worked for several famous companies including Twitter (orginially known as Odeo), Nextstop, and Google.  His partner Krieger is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil and came to America to attend Stanford in 2004.  Krieger had an internship with Microsoft and his first job after graduation was for Meebo, an instant messaging firm.  At Meebo, Krieger was a user experience designer and engineer.  Both founders’ technological background is the foundation for the great idea they created.

Systrom first created the company Burbn. The Burbn Application included photo uploading and “check-in” capabilities, like FourSquare.  A good idea but with too many features it became excessive. After this initial failure, with the help of Krieger, the two worked to create a different application.  Systrom said “We decided that if we were going to build a company, we wanted to focus on being really good at one thing.”


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog about an application that I am obsessed with. I absolutely love taking pictures and being creative with images. Never once did I think to research the work behind the success of a great app. Reading this post made me actually want to investigate and research more; find out about the people and the companies behind the products that I’m attached to. Look forward to hearing more about entrepreneurs of my generation.

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