Lori Greiner

A key to Lori Greiner’s success is having confidence and believing in herself as well as her products.  Lori encourages others to not let fear or adversity detain you from your goal.  Also, to be kind and respectful, but be persistent and embrace your passion.  Lori stuck to these ideas and had an amazing amount of energy that she put forth to make her dream a reality.

In the information from N. Robehmed and The Brooks Group, Lori has provided products that women love and is very useful in helping them organize their personal items.  She has created products like;

  • 7 piece set storage containers and many other items for kitchen organization.
  • All types of storage solutions for jewelry, cloths, and shoes.
  • Accessories such as, purses, headbands, and cell phone bags.
  • Cosmetic organizers.
  • Best selling jewelry boxes.

Greiner believes people matter and relationships are important.  This has assisted her in having a successful business that continues to grow.

Lori is an example for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, and especially encouraging for women.  She stresses that women are equal to anyone and it is important not to feel intimidated.  Greiner’s products have extended to Europe and are used by men as well as women.  Her inventions have affordable prices and meet the day to day needs of people everywhere.  She is enthusiastic and has been showcased on the QVC network and many popular magazines such as, Women’s Day Family Circle, and The Oprah Magazine.








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