Lori Greiner – Part 1

Lori Greiner is noted for her appearances on ABC’s network show Shark Tank, and QVC-TV where she has hosted her own show.  She has created over 350 products and 111 U.S. and International patents.   Lori can answer any questions about the laws on having a patent, and entrepreneurship.  According to N. Robehmed and The Brooks Group, she now has a business worth millions of dollars.

Lori started out with an idea of writing a book, but before she could follow up there was already a similar one in distribution.  She decided from that point on, it would be important to patent and sell her next idea.  Greiner loves jewelry and fashion and this is what prompted her to create an earring holder.  She did her research by interviewing women on the street to see what the reaction would be to her product.  It was well received, so she took the next step to find a business that would advertise her inventions.

Greiner successfully pitched her earring holder to J.C. Penney’s and spent a lot of  time demonstrating her product, she was a natural saleswoman.  Lori believed in her creation and was respectful, but persistent.  This achieved her the opportunity for a spot on the Home Shopping Network where her product exploded and became a huge seller.




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