Sir Richard Branson cont.

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Sir Richard Branson has set his sights a little bit higher than most entrepreneurs and is creating a space program Virgin Galactic which will one day transport wealthy tourists into space. He is currently building a space port in Southern New Mexico. This space port will house the mission support station. Virgin Galactic also has space ports in the Mojave Desert and Sweden; and Mr. Branson is considering other space port locations in England or Scotland. In 2007, he signed a collaboration agreement with NASA and is now working on acquiring the required permits for launch.

Virgin Galactic has its own space ship building company, and they have created some very flight worthy and futuristic designs. Already, they have two ship designs built; the White Knight Two is the original design and often referred to as Eve”, by Mr. Branson  in honor of his mother.  The other ship is the newest and simply called Spaceship Two.  Test flights and glides of both ships have been conducted in the Mojave Desert, and while largely successful, they are still fine-tuning the ships.

Mr. Branson hopes to conduct his first flight with passengers by 2014. He and his two children will be among the passengers on the maiden voyage as well as actor Ashton Kutcher and scientist Stephen Hawking.  529 people have signed up for various flights, which is one person more than the total number of astronauts who have launched into space to date. The future is very bright for this self-made billionaire; he is not just taking on the World he is taking on the Galaxy!

Lucinda Choules


Virgin Galactic (2012) The Spaceships. Accessed July 23, 2012.



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4 responses to “Sir Richard Branson cont.

  1. Branson is one of the worlds all time most famous and philanthropic businessmen. He founded the Virgin Group, a global brand with more that 200 companies doing business in 34 countries. He helps animals and people around the globe through his organization Virgin Unite. He is also an adventurer and an entrepreneur in the truest seance of the word.

    Branson describes an entrepreneur as “someone who wants to make a difference in other people’s lives.” A what a difference he has made in countless lives since opening his first record store in 1970. His latest venture to space will be a game changer and will pioneer a whole new era of consumer space travel and support services. The adventure of a lifetime awaits those who can afford the $200,000 ticket, booking information can be found at .

    • This is a great post! I knew of some of the companies such as the mobile phone company, and recording, but I had no idea that Branson was the entreprenuer or all of the other companies he owns. What a risk taker to collaborate with NASA working on trips to space. There are a lot of people who will have the funds and will be interested in going to Space. Successful stars like Ashton K. who have alot of money are capable of doing this type of adventure and I’m sure he has many contacts who would jump on board. That will be a huge money maker if successfully completed.

  2. Anthony

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Branson in Austin while I was working on my undergrad degree years ago. As an aerospace engineer, I was fascinated by his newly developed space ship design. I’ll never forget his response to my question :”what was your motivation for the unusual design of White Knight One?”

    I expected his response to be filled with technical jargon that highlights some aerodynamic efficiency principle. Instead he said “because I want everyone, young and old, to know that there is no ‘right’ way to get to space.”

    Those words still inspire me today to think outside the box and be creative where I can.

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