Ted Turner – Part 2

Ted Turner had a great ability to take companies that were falling apart and turn them into profitable, successful businesses.  With his TV controlling rights in Atlanta, GA, he ventured into another venue.  He bought the Atlanta, Braves baseball team, which at the time was a losing major league team.  Since he didn’t know a lot about baseball, he went undercover as a non-roster player at spring training camp.  After learning the game at a much higher level, he went on to improve the stadium, gain experienced players, and show all of the games on his TV station free.  The Braves became a World Series Winning team!

     Ted’s next venture was to move into National Cable Television which encompassed purchasing satellite distribution.  Once this was accomplished, he changed the corporations name to Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), and as we all know and enjoy watching this station, it is a huge success.  Ted made many hard line business deals, including the first 24 hour news station – CNN.  Being an advocate for environmental issues he started shows in this arena with Jacques Cousteau and John Denver.  Ted also created many foundations to support these worthy causes.  With his business skills, which were aggressive, he acquired MGM and started TNT (Turner Network Television) showing classics from MGM’s library of movies.  It was another huge success.

     Turner was a genius entrepreneur and philanthropist.  There are too many achievements to cover in two blogs, (such as his merger with Time Warner), so I tried to hit some of the highlights.  Personally, I am not a fan of Ted Turner….but having lived in Atlanta, GA for almost 20 years I am very aware of his success and I am a big fan of the Braves!  Regardless, his book “Call Me Ted” is interesting, and I respect his entrepreneurial skills and business savvy.





Turner, T. (2008).  Call me Ted.  New York, NY.  Turner Works, LLC.



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