Ted Turner – Part 1

Ted Turner was a hard worker as a young child.  At age 8 he had to work 4 hours a day doing chores during summer vacation.  His father was strict, and had a quick temper.  Ted was a mischievous child and often found himself at the end of his father’s razor strap.  His parent’s didn’t have a lot of money, but managed to send him away to boarding schools.  Ted claims that this is the reason he hates being alone, it was the separation from his parents.  He went to college, but it was his father that he gives credit for teaching him business strategies and to be a hard worker.

Ted took over his father’s advertising business when his dad committed suicide after a bad business deal.  Ted was determined to save the company, and he did just that after many aggressive and hostile deals.  His company, Turner Advertising of Atlanta (Georgia), gained valuable clients such as Coca-Cola.  His vision was delving into TV and Radio.  Entering the new communication arena, Turner’s passion was for TV.  In 1970 Ted bought into it, and named the station Turner Communication Group.  The station was originally in pretty bad shape, but Ted was innovative, a risk taker, and made good business decisions.  Acquiring the right for shows like “The Andy Griffith Show”, turned the station into a huge profit.

Turner sold his billboard and radio companies, and continued in the TV arena buying more stations and becoming the “only independent station bidding on syndicated programming rights for Atlanta” (Turner, 2008, p. 100).  This created an enormous revenue and shows how Ted Turner was a brilliant entrepreneur.




Turner, T. (2008).  Call me Ted.  New York, NY.  Turner Works, LLC.


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