Walt Disney – part 2

By Julie Stadler

Roy and Walt Disney increased their success in the industry by introducing other characters such as, Donald Duck and Goofy.  Disney had the prudence to make feature films and in 1937 made the classic Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.  Disney continued turning out classics and eventually started in the TV arena.  Still engaging in the top technology of the day, he continued producing famous cartoons, feature films, movies, and a successful show called the Mickey Mouse Club.

Disney was an amazing risk taker and being courageous for exploring future endeavors he decided to buy land and planned to open a theme park in Florida.  He passed away before this became a reality, but his dream was carried on and the company continued to grow.

Today the Disney Company is an enormous corporation producing movies, enhancing their theme parks, and it has acquired multi-faceted media arenas.  Even though the Disney brother’s are no longer with us, their dreams live on globally.  This started with a man who had a vision, and took risks….and he always gave credit to a mouse!



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3 responses to “Walt Disney – part 2

  1. Great blog post on Walt Disney. I love disney movies. Walt Disney was a very intelligent man and his imagination was impecable. I guess you can say I am a kid at heart because I watch those old disney movies sometimes. My favorites are Cinderella and The Lion King. I also used to watch the Mickey Mouse club when I was a kid. In 2003, I did go to the theme park in Florida and it was amazing. I hope to go back.

  2. Lucinda Choules

    Great blog!
    Walt Disney is one of my favorite entrepreneurs he succeeded not just because he had a knack for business, but because he was a true artist in every sense of the word.
    I am sorry to here he did not get to see Disney World; it was my favorite destination as a child and a truly magical place. Walt Disney has left us all a legacy that has delighted children for decades. Our world would not be as bright, if this entrepreneur had not set out on his own path and followed his own imagination to incredible heights.

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